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Wall mounting Pulsar dimmer packs

Pete Alcock

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I have a need to mount four Pulsar 6 x 10A dimmers securely on the wall. I could use a cabinet but that would be out of budget, and would mean a lot of re-terminating fat wires, as these packs are hard wired in to isolating switches. At present they're sat on a shelf, loose, and it makes patching very awkward.


I've looked through my Penn and Doughty catalogues but can't find anything. Any ideas?


Thanks as always,



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I threw a couple of wall-mounted cabinets in the skip last week <_<


Is the patching awkward because the dimmers are free to move? Or is it because they're too close together?


A nice cabinet is definitely the best option, but if your shelf is solid enough, and the 4 dimmers are simply stacked on top of each other, how about running a length of rack-rail up each side? If nothing else, it'd stop them moving relative to each other, and the whole assembly would probably be fairly stable... You could even secure this to the shelf with some L-brackets..

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The Pulsars don't do the same as Betapacks and the old Act 6's do they, where you can flip the rack ears round and fix them on the back to wall mount them?


Also on the cabinet front, if you could make it in budget, could you get a self assembly one, which you assemble around the racks?


Just a thought



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most wall-mount rack cabinets are sufficiently modular to allow you to manoeuver the unit in through the back without disconnecting. We regularly "swap out" 19" cabinets at work. These typically contain several hundred UTP network lines, and we can swap the cab without disconnecting the lines from the patch panel.


It's even easier if the 19" units have removable "rack ears".


But if I remember correctly, the pulsar rack-mounting ears are part of the front panel, rather than being separate brackets.



The other option might be one of those stand-alone "rack frames" - the one below is from Music Village. It might be a bit "lightweight" for your application... but perhaps you could fabricate a chunkier one with some bits of rack-rail and some dexion...




I would suspect that if you're putting dimmers in this sort of thing they'd need some sort of rear support.

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