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Mac 500 Maintenance

Glyn Edwards

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Evening All,


Can any one tell me how easy or otherwise it is to change the Iris drive belt on a Mac 500?. It appears to be straight forward, but fiddley. Is it just a case of hooking it onto the stepper motor and then working it onto the iris drive cog, or am I missing something?



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You will find it easier if you remove the gobo/iris/prism/focus module, then remove the fixed gobo wheel from it's shaft. That will allow you to access the screws on the iris stepper motor. If you remove the screws on this you will find it a lot easier to get the belt on, then tighten up the belt and re-fit the screws. Then re-assemble in the reverese order. Also if you come across any Taptite screws, be sure to replace them with the correct standard bolt else it will knacker the threads.


Hope that helps.

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