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Stage Drapes


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Hi all,

After many months of being patched together with gaffer tape today one of the drapes on stage become entagled in a piece of set we were moving and essentially fell to pieces. I have just sent a few e-mails to various companies enquiring as to the cost of the drapes. Being very impatient and not being able to find even a hint of a approximate price on sites I was wondering if any of you would have any ideas of how much a black 6m x 2m cloth stage wing drape would cost to purchase. The drape is tied off onto bars and therefore would not require clips for runners etc. If anybody does have a rough idea, as I dont know the first thing about drapes, whether its going to be £50 or £500 I would be very grateful for you to post



Cheers and good evening




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<Black cloth query>

Can't say how much you'd be looking at but have you tried Whaleys at Bradford? I get all our drapes from them, and they're VERY reasonable cost wise and can if needs be turn work round pretty quick.


Call Kevin Woodhead and say I sent you (always pays to let suppliers know you're recommended, on both sides!!)




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