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Legal Age Limits


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I think that I have found this information out before from the helpful people at Entertainment licensing.

Yep I have had it definitely expressed in permission to use effects (pryos) in a performance

'.... The operator shall be over 18 and full trained the operation of the system.'


Your school might not have records of this type of thing, so if you can ask the Entertainment licensing department of your local council for the guidelines governing your venue that should help.


Standards will be slightly different throughout the country so information given here might not apply to you.


If you do get any printed information please tell us, as it is handy to have.


Oh as an after thought is the age limit not mentioned on the instructions in a box of pryos? I know these may be thought of more as guidelines but it could be start.


minimum age or Age limit ?

I would say the age limit would be around 70?

You don't hear many pryos going off in care homes do you?

Arf Arf Arf

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I seem to remember the large Red writing on our sky high system saying:

Users must be fully trained and over 18 to operate


Ooops! it also says something about only arming immediately before firing?? :o


(I'm joking, I am a very responsible person, and would never dream of setting off piro at home to scare the neighbors, NEVER)

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We used to have pretty much free range with what we did at school - and this was fine for years, until someone forgot to move the pyro pod into the right place before firing it :o


We almost took out a particularly unpleasant maths teacher, and one of his kids who were sitting in the front row. With hindsight, pitty we didn't do the job properly! :P

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Is there an age limit, I recently discussed this with Dr Tom Smith of the BPA as my 16 y.o. daughter was getting ready to take her BPA exams.


Its rather like minimum safe distances for Cat 4, material THERE ARE NO SPECIFICS. :angry:


1) The age for purchasing is not related to employment within the field.


2) the factorys act etc seem (I emphasis the word seem) to allow 16 years olds to handle and fire when employed!!! ( Armed forces for example).


3) your insurance company may take a dim view of anybody under 21/23 firing.


So we settled on our own rules. Could rig, could fire off the box.




These stipulations will be included in her log book.


Those above who refer to 18 etc, these are limits laid down by venues or most likely their insurers.

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