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Dry Ice?


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Hi guys, I'm looking to hire a dry ice machine and a supplier of dry ice for a production I'm working on in Swansea.


Size of the performance space is approximetly 15m x 10m


Any help would be gratefuly appreciated


Thanks always



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I work in the chemistry department at bristol uni. We supply dry ice for theatrical performances (which I take advantage of for uni shows) and as we are a chemistry department we get it in bulk and order every 3 days or so. We also have storage facilites for dry ice. So if you can get in touch with your local university chem or medical sciences department that will be your best shot. I pay £5 a bag (5kg of pellets) and can pick it up each day whereas BOC wanted £18 for a single bag plus delivery costs (each day of the show) which made it up to about £40 a bag!



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