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Confetti Cannon


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You have a couple of basic choices, which are all down to what fires the confetti into the air...


1. By using a pyrotechnic devices, usually a maroon of one size or another


2. By using a compressed gas, usually CO2.


The first method has a side effect which you may or may not want ie a big bang - very loud. If you can stand that then it'll work for you. If you want something quieter than use a CO2 fired unit.


The next thing to consider is the amount of confetti you want to launch.


Use the search function, have a read and then come back with specific questions if they aren't answered in previous posts.

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Hi , I want to use a confetti cannon for a christmas concert...


If you want to use the pyro version, how many actual cannons do you need?

We over-bought last year for panto, so I have some left in my lock-up cupboard that I'd be happy to sell on to you if they suit. You'll need a leMaitre angled pod for each, though, and a firing unit.

If you're interested, PM me and we can discuss details.

(I'm not too far away from Cambridge).

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I would be able to get the equpmiment what you said cause theres a stage electrics in cambridge but does how the equipment work?

Go and talk to the guys at Stage Electrics, I'm sure they'll help explain the safe use of the equipment. However, please be careful as I know of one very near nasty accident caused by people not using a pyro confetti cartridge properly.

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