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Suggest to me a decent mic stand


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OK, as the title says, I'm fed up with some of the crappy mic stands that I've mistakenly purchased in the past. I want something that stays together, doesn't break, and is easy to adjust. Cheap would be great, but I don't want to buy more scrap metal...


And precise model numbers would be great, as I'm aware that even the best manufacturers have their dodgy "value" lines.

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I swear by SENN stands, robust and last a lifetime!


Assuming you mean Sennheiser, I still need model numbers to avoid buying lemons (again!)


Like for K&M stands, Thomann sell a K&M boom stand for GBP 13:30, but I'm prepared to bet it's a pile of pants.


My prob is that I'll probably end up having to buy mail order, so try before buy isn't too easy.

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I think all the K&M stuff sold by Canford is "professional" except perhaps the one listed as economy. Have a look at the catalogue page.


I've got plenty of 21090, they for sure, are fine!!

So do you think this Thomann jobbie is the same:



Described by Thomann as K&M 210/9 comprising 201A+211/1 - and only GBP 25.50 (I'm after a few plus some other stuff, so the shipping's not so much of a worry)


Canford list the K&M 21090 comprising 20130+21110


The numbers seem a plausible match, but is the Thomann attractively priced unit the real deal...?

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Nice one on the Plopkiller - it made me smile - a bit...


Mic Stands:


I have bought K&M stands from both Thomann and Canford and as faras I could tell they were both pretty much identical...


The last time I bought K&M Stands (21090) They had K&M Blurb on the side in silver. Kind of annoying, really.


I've never really had much experience of bad mic stands - I got rid of all the bad ones that were around from before my time and replaced with K&M.


The good thing about K&M is that parts are VERY easily available from canford.


Dave M

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I swear by SENN stands, robust and last a lifetime!



...Assuming you mean Sennheiser, I still need model numbers to avoid buying lemons (again!)...




No he means SENN, not sennheiser. I am personally not fans of these stands, as the ones we have at our church fell apart and were fixed by being welded together at the place where the boom joins the upright bit, this was made from threaded aluminium :mods: :P


I like the Beyer Dynamic ones which have the 2 part telescopic booms, such as the beyer dynamic GST500 as below:





or go to This page and see a collection of them.


They're not expensive, but I'd guess you can buy them cheaper from other places rather than direct from the manufacturer.


I'd favour the K&M alternatives too.


Depends what applications you're using them for, where they're gonna be used, how often etc...


For lighter work however, I've got some nice chrome Quiklok ones, 'bout £20 - £25 per stand. they've lasted 2 or three yrs, though they're too light really, especially for putting a microphone on a fully extended boom - Falls over!





Si :angry:

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I have had a problem with the beyerdynamic mic stands at my church.

The rubber in the tilt lock seems to have died and they now have a habit of drooping, and thats with just an SM58 on the end, nothing particularly weighty.


that's a good point Jon, The ones I've got, I got second hand and they have a similar problem, but only for heavier mics such as large Diaphragm mics etc.


Maybe we should both buy the spare parts, as I'm sure they're available from beyer

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My vote is for Proel ProStage stands.


Very sturdy, all main bits are die-cast and they definitely don't droop (even with old ribbon mics!). Telescopic boom is an option. In my opinion they're more stylish and the adjustment screws are kinder to the hands than K&M.



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