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What Other Forums Do You Visit?


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Yes I am bored too, so I wondered what other forums people here visit?


I personally visit


+ Digitalspy (http://www.digitalspy.co.uk)

+ BBC 3 (http://www.bbc.co.uk/3)


And of course I pop over the road once a week to see if anything interesting has happened there...


Oh yes I forgot about R.A.T.S - need a good laugh from Mr Wood once in a while!



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I too pop over the road, although I try to do it daily, its getting harder and harder to convince myself its worthwhile.


I am also a regular on the Plus.Net support and ADSL Guide forums, and occasional visitor to r.a.t.s

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At the moment...





the Live Audio board (don't tell John)









Broadway Theatre Sound



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I use this one, used to post daily on ABTT, but don't anymore (for obvious reasons), and use the alt stagecraft occasionally.


Other than that, nothing. Having seen some of the ones above I will check them out but thats it.



(Morning after the night before)


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