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Acetate printed gobos for LED profiles


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Does anyone have a link to known and proven high temp acetate sheets that might survive a hotter burning LED profile beam?

Had reasonable success with standard acetate in the past with the Chauvet EVE Z 50 spots, but using some of their Obsession E260 open white units earlier today and the images burned through within seconds of the lamps being powered up...

Whether that's to do more with the beam focus (they weren't focussed before the gobos went in) or just the fact that there's just way too much heat for rthem in this way is as yet unproven. But feedback anyone with any specific experience would be appreciated.

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6 hours ago, Stuart91 said:

I am perhaps showing my ignorance here, but would it be a possibility to use heatshield along with the acetate? (E.g. Lee 269)

I appreciate it might soften the focus, I've only ever seen it used on wash lights. 

The (acetate) gobo would normally go in the gate of the fixture, where the focus point it- same place the shutters are. Heat shield gel is generally used in the front of the fixture in the gel slot.

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I have used heat shield between the printed gobo or "Fergusons" as we called them and the light source, usually a 600W Pacific with the lamp pulled down out of focus.. We printed them using an Epson inkjet printer as it gave best results. The ink side has to be on the outside or lens side. No experience with LED's. The heat shield and printed gobo should not be in contact to reduce heat transfer.

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