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Old Technology Showcase - This Friday, 18th Feb

Rob Halliday

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So popular was the 'Classic Gear Live' stand at PLASA last year, that I thought you might all be interested in another chance to explore some lighting history.

We're calling this one the 'Old Technology Showcase'. It's at White Light in Wimbledon, this coming Friday (16th Feb), 2-5pm.

This is really the 'launch event' for the beautifully organised new museum space that White Light created over Christmas, to showcase the collection of classic gear that they hold for the Backstage Heritage Collection, Jim Laws and others.

Why not come along and see, in no particular order:

From Strand:
Light Console; System CD; Chromolux (the invention of colour libraries?), the Glyndebourne console, IDM, DDM, MMS, Duet, M24, Richard Pilbrow's Lightboard for the National Theatre, Lightboard M (which is something entirely different!), Gemini, Galaxy, 500-series.

From others:
Alderham, Arri, Avo, Colortran, ETC, Zero88 including the cartridge-based 'effect engine' system.

Fixtures from Patt 23 to 264, Sil 30, Altman Leko and assorted others, including the Patt 252 projectors and effects discs the likes of which you've probably never seen before.

Moving lights because yes, these are old enough to be considered 'classics' now. Not quite confirmed yet, but there might even be a guest appearance from a VL1...

And a bunch of lovely people who built, used or rented all this stuff all here to reminisce and swap stories and memories (including me!).

It'd be great to see you there. 

If you're planning on coming, WL just ask that you sign up at the link below so they have an idea of how many people are going to show up!!


See you there?






2023-12-13 23.01.17.jpg

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Sorry for the lack of notice. It all came together in a bit of a rush, for various reasons.

But the collection is there full time now and I'm sure you're welcome any time to have a look - WL are just figuring out a booking / 'tour guide' system now...




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Damm... While I was reading the post and looking at directions Ms Sunray was booking something in for Grandchildren... Grr


There is a very slight chance a Strand 8 has not been scrapped yet, any interest?


Also a couple of 8 way battens.

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Hi Rob,

It was so happy to work with you at 'Classic Gear Live' stand at PLASA last September! And all available lighting students from Central will go and visit 'Old Technology Showcase' this Frdiay afternoon! See you at the showcase!

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I have two Parscan's, a Taskmaster desk and a briefcase controller in my workshop if you want them, just need to sort out freight. Heaviest item is the transformers. David Ashton brought them to Perth, Western Australia but I never got them going fully.

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