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Eyesight damage risk from projectors


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I'm writing the AV risk assessment for a show I'm working on and I'm wondering if I should include something about potential eyesight damage from looking into the bulb of the projectors.

And if there is any guidance out there from HSE or likes or is it just a case of don't look at it.


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Also worth noting that Laser-sourced projectors over 10k lumens (I think) may be subject to laser safety rules including safety cones, even though it's not actually a laser coming out the front....  (They're not actually more dangerous but the law often says otherwise...)

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It may be best to search the web for "Artificial Optical Radiation" with the sub headings Laws, Risk Assessment, HSE, etc. There is a veritable jungle of sites you can read through including one from PLASA  several from HSE and umpteen from the Gov.assets.publishing.service.

There is a lovely bloke on BR called Rob Sayer or indyld of Onstagelighting who writes a new AOR RA for the University of Bath every couple of years. Beg, borrow or even buy one off him.


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