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Anybody have any info on dismantling old Strand Patt 223 Lanterns ?

Johnny Mac

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The Lanterns Are to be revamped as stage props or stage decor,

some of the interior steel plates are loose and the runners for the blue and reflector needs maintenance 

There docent seem to be any exterior screw or bolts to remove front or back to gain access or remove parts for work ?

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The steel plates are held in place by little screws or rivets quite often with a metal spacer. They may still be inside and not attached. It's just a case of drilling the rivet out and replacing  and or replacing the screw and making up a spacer with a small piece of hollow tubular metal and long self tapping screw(s) or if the spacer is still extant fitting new screws. We had the same thing with the old patt45's and 743's Access through to the inside of the 223 is the front door ( lens carrier)

We spent many hours doing this years back and they are still going strong.

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Take off the rear focus knob, remove the three very small self tappers that hold the circular plate in place, this gives access to the screw focus shaft, which will slide out the back. Take note of where the spacing washer is on the front of the focus screw, it stops the lamp tray getting too close to the front lens. Clean and use graphite grease or powder for lubrication. You may need to take both out to get the lamp tray assembly out. Loosen the cable gland to allow the mains cable, usually thin black teflon coated, to allow the lamp tray assembly to come out fully.

I used to replace burnt P28S lampholders, but found it just as successful to use a dremel with a wire brush to clean the centre lamp contact, then put contactor oil on it.

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