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External trigger on magicQ


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I've recently changed our lighting computer from an ageing WindowsXP system to a Debian Linux system and everything is working except the external trigger. We have a PC wing and I've always had an external GO button mounted on the followspot so that I can operate both. I've enabled the trigger in the settings/port menu and set it to trigger PB 1 but it's not working. It always worked with the old system and I've checked continuity of the button through to the mini DIN connector. I'm guessing it's a linux issue but don't know where to start. Can anyone help?

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What actual MQ hardware are you using? Original wing? As it looks like just a hardware trigger, there doesn't seem to be much OS involvement in the way of ports open etc. However, I do know of some other issues with the C library which is noted related to another symptom on the MQ Troubleshooting page. Final thing would be if the latest version of MQ, which presumably you are using due to setting up a new system, still supports this and/or doesn't have a bug in it.

If the wing or whatever you are using otherwise works, it would not appear to be a driver issue. Mind you, I've never had a problem running MQ on a Debian based OS and it mostly just works.

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It's a genuine magicQ PC wing. The install was done a few months ago so it is a very recent version. I'll check precisely tonight.

The remote trigger worked fine when it was plugged into the old windows system. I could reconnect it just to check the port hasn't failed but not this week. The switch connections and the link between the other two pins are still there (and tested) so there's nothing wrong with the external hardware. I agree that it doesn't sound like an OS issue with everything else on the wing working correctly. It's just that as far as I can see I've made all the setup changes needed, so didn't know where else to look.

Was it you* who pointed me at the solution to the other problem I had (which was library related). Worryingly I can find neither the thread nor any notes I made at the time so if I had to reinstall I'd be back to square one. 

Thanks, Dave 

*edit: I've found it all and it was themadhippy to whom I owe the beer for the previous problem!

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I contacted Chamsys support and although they didn't tell me exactly what I'd done wrong, it was sufficient for me to realise the error of my ways. In case anyone finds this on a search, the setting is not "wing 1 pb1" it should be "go selected playback". Apparently pb1 on a full size desk does not map to pb1 on a wing.

BTW Support got back to me very quickly 

All sorted


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I did note this when I looked back for the implementation details in the manual yesterday, but assumed "PB1 was a typo in the OP as you'd already had the system working. 

On MQ the wing playbacks are not the main playbacks eg. PB1-10. They are additional and labelled W1 etc, appearing in physical form on actual hardware wings that supplement the desk or virtually on the software. 

Of course, calling the PC hardware interface a 'wing' too just confuses things. Perhaps this is why the latest ones are called Compact Connect. PB1 on this "wing" is just the same as PB1 on a desk. This isn't listed as an option in the remote trigger section. As you say Selected playback is the one in this case. 

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