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DMX Splitter

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Hi I need to install a DMX splitter into the rig of a local hall where I do the lighting the only thing is we have a mixture of LEDs and old dimmer lights I want to install it in the same cabinet that we have are 2 dimmer racks as putting them there is the most accessible area but I'm wanting some help on how to wire it all up as I want to be able to use the DMX splitter and dimmer rack through the 1 cable so I don't have to run a different cable form the splitter to the console as we have 2 different ports in the hall that I can connect the console up to. so whats the best way to wire it all up

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If you want to do it yourself the short answer is -

Connect your existing cable from the console to the splitter input, & connect the splitter "through" port to your dimmers. This gives you all the splitter outputs for your LED lights, & means that if the splitter fails your dimmers won't be affected, as the input & through ports will be hard-wired together.

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If you are happy rigging and cabling the LED fittings the splitter is not much different.

I suggest installing it in such a way that the most important fitting or fittings is connected to the direct through port and I'd guess this would be the existing dimmer packs, that way you would only need to power the splitter when you want to add the additional lights.



EDIT:  That must have taken >20 minutes while cooking dinner. I see 2 more replies with a valid variation and I'm pleased to see we agree🙂

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