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When is 1080 25p not 25p?


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Hi – Im looking for some tech help / explanation, or even suggestion of a more suitable group to post this problem!

I am doing some sports filming where my video feed goes to others at the venue. Their software often uses an ingest card such as a Blackmagic mini recorder, or a AJA UTAP HDMI.

My camera only outputs SDI video (Sony PMW-EX1) which is 1080 50i. Their software requires 1080 25P.

So I have purchased a scaler / converter that takes my SDI and converts it to HDMI 25p. This is verified by either my monitor which confirms the signal is 25p, and ingest software such as blackmagic Media Express, which confirms input with picture.

YET the software that they use does not see the video signal when set to 25p, but if I take an HDMI at 25p direct from a different camera / pro-sumer camera, the software sees it immediately!!!

So my question is, is it possible that there is a difference between the sdi converted 25p signal, and the non pro camera (which works)? And therefore what can I look to change on the sdi camera to possibly help?

Thanks in advance


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Personally I'd look at the output of the scaler / converter on a scope/WFM to see if what you are outputting is P or PsF, or do you have a scaler that is taking 1080 and producing 2016 or similar or if the frame rate is 25P or 50P or something else. (I'd probably also check if the 25P produced by the other camera is actually 25p or 25PsF)

What brand/model is the scaler / converter?


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