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LED fairy lights via lighting desk


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There are lots of different types of LED fairy lights and they need different arrangements to dim them. It gets particularly awkward with the ones that can create chases as they typically need a fairly precise 31V a.c. to light all of them at once (and this is after you've cut off the original controller). Give us more details of the actual lights you have and we can advise further. Particular info is

1) what is between the wall socket and the lights themselves? A box with a button, just a mains adaptor etc.

2) if there's a separate power supply (mains adaptor) what is printed on the label (particularly the voltage and current)?

3) can you post a picture of the various parts.

4) where are you geographically? 


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It might be simpler to obtain mains voltage incandescent lights that consist of 20 small 12 volt lamps wired in series and connected directly to the mains. No transformer or controller.

Inherently dimmable, less popular these days but can still be found on line and in some stores. Usually about 20 watts total loading, you may need to add a load lamp on the same dimmer channel to ensure proper operation. 

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The old style fairy incandescent fairy lamps work very well indeed. I once pinned several small sets onto sheets of 8x4 sheets of ply. The sets were laid out as though they were a fairground in the distance for 'Our Day Out'. These I then fixed to the rear wall with a sharks tooth dropped in front to use a s cyclorama. 

Looked very effective with each set on a separate channel for a chase. As said, a separate load lamp was required for each channel that I mounted in the wings with congo blue filters in and barn doors shut. They caused the kids much puzzlement as they would flash as well. 

It brought an audible gasp from the audience each night. 😁 


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