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Old fashioned till needed


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Not been there for 20+ years, but NCR used to have 2 or 3 on display at the London office in Marylebone Road. May be worth an enquiry. 020 7723 7070.

If not, relatively easy to mock up something if it is just to look the part. 


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You could try EPH, prophire.com, or Stockyard
Old Fashioned Cash Register | EPH Creative - Event Prop Hire

cash props Props, Prop Hire, Event

Cash Tills – Stockyard Prop and Backdrop Hire (prophire-backdrophire.com)

On a related but completely unhelpful note, I took teenage daughter to the Science Museum yesterday. There was an old fashioned till on display which fascinated her. It was while explaining how they work that I realised that the phrase 'Kerching!' in reference to a lot of money has no context to anyone below a certain age (who also hasn't watched 'Open All Hours').


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We actually have one of those little beasts (if I can find it...) and that would be fine for Molloy's hat shop. 

But for the Vandergelder feed store, seeing as he's a 'half millionaire' I reckon he'd probably have something like the real deal 🙂

That said, I believe we may be in luck as my friendly props contact at Imagine in Cov thinks she may have one (again - if she can locate it!! 😮 )


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