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parcan 1000w lamps CP62 and the like


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Clearly not many need to buy tungsten parcan lamps in recent years as their use is massively in decline. 

So as as expected the price rises. but wow google shopping shows prices well above £30 per lamp and some price into £65 per lamp.

Feels like going back to the days when you put a raylight adaptor in so you could use a t26 lamp as a cost saving method.

What I find interesting is we sell used nice Thomas parcans with lamp, parsafe, plug, clamp, gel frame for less than £7! 

So is anyone buying brand new lamps?

surely some of the big rock and roll hire companies and many small to medium sized theatres in the country are running 20 to 40 pars in their rigs, they must still be buying more than 10 lamps a year?

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I think what's happening is most hire companies are running down their conventional stock, and not replacing lamps when they go. The lanterns are worth less than the lamps these days. 

We sold off all of our generic pars (for little more than scrap value) a couple of years back, apart from one that's used as a dummy load for test purposes. 

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The factories are closing.

Most theatrical halogen lamps were a sideline for a plant that 'normally' produced lamps for domestic use, and domestic demand has vanished.

Now the only factories left are the ones producing lamps for specialist applications, like military, aviation, inside ovens etc.

I'd expect that ACL, PAR and HPL lamps will be around for some years to come, but everything else is unlikely to be around for much longer.

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