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XSW Handhelds - Power switches


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I'm out of touch with Sennies are these the version with 2 buttons and a turn round flap on the end?

Part of the official repair of those was to reduce the 'long push' time. Our repair of them included placing a cardboard pad under the new button to ease the pressure on the legs.

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4 hours ago, sandall said:

Those are the Evolutions - with a different PIA button problem🙁


As said I'm out of touch with Sennies, it's been at least 25 years since I even handled any of the range let alone used tools on one.

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Well, the only way to remove the bit of body that covers the switch seems to be brute force with a sharp penknife. That's the easy bit; the "switch" is actually 2 tiny pieces of metal & an equally tiny piece of plastic, all of which need to be orientated correctly, & all of which will fall on the floor when you pick the mic up!! Unless you have good eyesight, a good lighting & good luck you may never see them again, in which case you now have a non-mic😥.

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