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Equipment Insurance


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I feel like we've covered this one a million times before, but search is failing me, and whatever information is lurking in the shadows of the Blue Room is probably old anyway, so I'll start again!

Looking to cover my equipment (mainly sound) for theft and other losses (fire, flood etc.). I've previously had cover through Doodson's, but they appear to have either gone or changed their name. 

I've not had the equipment insured for a while now - I stopped during Covid and to be honest, had the attitude that if it all went, I'd just give up! Have of course continued to have PLI though. 
Who's out there these days? I can find lots of musician insurance policies, which may well suffice, but was keen to find out if there are any specific policies like Doodson's used to have. A friend lost much of his business to fire several years ago and was with them, and their specialist knowledge and support really got him back up and running quickly and well, so I see the benefit. 

Cover for equipment to be left in a van overnight after a late get out would be very much appreciated - would save the neighbours around my storage unit some annoyance and give me a bit more sleep! 

Some of the musician policies I've seen also include breakdown insurance (pays for repairs and hire of replacements) which may be of interest, but it's not the primary concern. 

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Hiscox Business Insurance is good. I find they cover an array of production areas. It suited me for a few years. Not sure about leaving the kit overnight in the van - it's probably worth asking them. 

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I've not tried it myself, however I'm aware that Hencilla Canworth offer "Media Freelancer Insurance" which includes kit-cover both in own-premises and away on hire. The policy wording (found at the bottom of this page) seems to imply (at least to me: admittedly not a lawyer) that they might cover equipment left in a van, so long as the kit is hidden from sight and the vehicle is locked and otherwise secured.

Plus, if you're a member of Bectu, you get a discount.

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as mentioned ......Tysers - policies purposely designed for this industry 01206 500 000 -

Equipment cover usually includes losses from unattended vehicles on location/venue (subject to usual protections) and also unexpected breakdown (but not time-expired /normal Wear & Tear.....and also excludes light sources!)


Precision Broking - Live Insurance -  0117 244 5813

Yutree Media & Entertainment - 01638 660651

Others are available.

Good cover doesn't come cheap, as you'd expect......

info offered without prejudice!

Best of luck



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Thank you everyone. I was really happy with Doodsons when I was with them, so will give Tysers a go. 

I did check out a few musician insurance policies which seemed to be really good value for money. Their policies made zero reference to fire though, only theft, which had me a bit concerned. Definitely some reassurances needed from them if I decided to go that way, but I think somewhere "proper" like Tysers is definitely the best way to go. 

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