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Entering precise values into MagicQ


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I'm doing some testing and would like to be able to specify precise DMX values (0 - 255 rather than 0-100%). Is there a way to enter these into magicQ either in decimal or hex?

Eg. I would like to enter 3@0x09 which falls between 3% and 4%.

If it can't be done with MQ then I'll just have to use an Arduino but it would be convenient if I can use my existing test setup




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MagicQ has different attribute display modes. I recall it's something like Setup, View Settings, Window or similar. The Normal mode shows attributes in a manner to be expected, which means Intensity is 0 - 100%. Other attributes are shown and can be written into the fields 0-255. I think there is a mode that shows everything 0 - 255.

Edit to add: 

49.11.7. Attribute Display

Not sure if includes keypad entry for intensity. I do know you can set numeric values in a field from 0 - 255. Sometimes things can be made easier be disabling Auto Enter. If you can't input DMX values direct to intensity (which would seem odd, you can do most things in MQ), then you can perhaps use a single channel LTP generic fixture or create a playback with full output that can have its field changed live.


Had quick play and my testing suggested that any attribute under Intensity control seems stuck with 100%. My quick and dirty solution was to patch something LTP that doesn't use that control and uses say Beam, make a playback with that attribute at 255 and fire it. Then use View Cue to display the spreadsheet and update the field live. Seems like a long way round, but I didn't find a different solution. You can also just bring up the channel to put it in the programmer, then use the Programmer window spreadsheet.

I used something from the Generic library with two channels, both on Beam. You could make your own, of course.


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Thanks Rob, but it doesn't change the input. I've managed to get all the measurements done now so don't need this any more, although it would be interesting to know if it is possible







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