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Need help with a fixture


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Hi guys, I got 20 of the lamps below and have fitted 19 of them with no problems. The final lamp comes on in pink not white and I can't work out why. DMX address is correct as is the number of channels. Even setting it the same as the one next to it didn't help. Any ideas please ?




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I would go though each colour one by one it sounds to me the green leds are not working. You can do this manualy on the light or via lighting desk.

The way I would do it I would have 2 lights set to the same DMX channel and make sure all led are off when all faders are down put up master dimmer to full if needed. Now put red up and if both lights go red then red is ok now do it to green and then blue and then white and you should see which have a failed colour.

In you  case it will be green, ((red and blue = magenta) + white = more of a pink)

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If it's 9 diodes then they're probably run in series on the diode plate and once one or more colors on a diode fails, the entire bank will not produce that particular color. It could also be either a faulty harness or failed driver on the mainboard but it's probably a blown diode. At least it's only 9 diodes to check and not 40+. Disassemble and once you have access to the diode plate, meter each diode in continuity mode and the diode that doesn't have green output, that's your culprit.

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