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Aviom repairs


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Hi all

Looking at potentially buying a number of "spares or repairs" Aviom A-16ii's, with the aim of using some units as donors to repair others. 

I won't have chance to look inside one until I make the purchase and they arrive, so they're a bit of an unknown entity at the minute. 

Lots of them are missing buttons, which I feel reasonably confident I can deal with. Might even try and 3d print replacements rather than gutting other donor units. Encoders & pots also look to have taken a beating on a few. The rest are likely to be electronics issues. 

My big question is, has anyone seen inside of one of these before, and can you tell me how straightforward to repair they are? I'd be looking at buying 20+ of them, so am hoping I'd become pretty adept at fixing them after a while and getting to know any regular issues. Until then though, some advice on if I stand a chance or not would be helpful. Any hints on common issues would be especially useful!

 I'm am electronics engineer by trade with access to a decent workshop of test equipment, surface mount and through hole soldering equipment etc. 


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Thanks Bruce, I'd spotted that one. He helpfully glosses over the button removal which is a bit of a shame. 

I've since found this really useful thread which includes part numbers for the main bits that fail. 

Given that, and another video I found, I think I'm going to go for it and only buy faulty ones. I'm confident I can get a good number of them working now. 

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That's my thread! 🙂

Started that one first as a general "what do people think of them?". They seem very common in the US church market so PSW felt like a good place to ask. I've always felt the Blue Room probably was the better place for repair and technical questions though, so I added a quick question on the PSW thread about repairs (which received one response) but came here with the proper repair question. 

Yesterday I pushed the button and bought 36 broken Aviom A16ii's plus distribution from the US and a mic input module from the UK. I'm getting a very good deal even when considering duty etc. Clearly lots of work to do on them, but my aim is to get the easiest 20 of them up and running, then either repair the remainder slowly or break for parts. I've sourced pots, switches, headphone sockets and RJ45 sockets, so I think I can tackle most common issues on them. Lack of button caps will be my first hurdle as they seem to fall out for fun. I'm hoping I can design an improved 3d printed alternative. 

Feel like I'm the right person for these Avioms. Reckon I can give them a good extended life and I'd always rather repair something older but higher end than buy something new but cheaper. Hopefully I'll pick up the knowledge I need to keep them repaired and serviced for years to come. Also if I'd been buying a new P16 system it'd have been a compromise in terms of number of mixers - I could only have afforded 10 at most. Most of my pits are 13+ musicians. For the same money I'm hopefully going to have 20 Avioms. 

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12 hours ago, Simon Lewis said:

I should have made the connection!! But when I've only ever thought of you as "cedd" your real name didn't ring any bells!!

I'd toyed with switching to my full name on here - haven't got any reason to hide it. Figured I've been here a bit long now as Cedd though! I registered as it when I was in my late teens. I'm 35 now! 

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