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Vari*Lite Console?


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So, Vari*Lite are teasing that they're releasing a Console, but no further details beyond that right now.  Does anyone know anything about it?  Are we talking a true successor to the Virtuoso, or just a rebrand of a Strand console?


Edit:  or even, Zero 88 are the same company now, too.  


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It's all a bit confusing with the recent Signify mergers with "Strand" and Zero88. Also the offerings in the US versus the EMEA markets look like they need to settle down a bit.

The Vari*Lite website used to have that splash screen about "coming soon" on this mythical console, but it seems to have gone for me tonight and I can't find any mention with a quick blast around their website (at least from the UK side of the pond).

From the (UK) Zero88 stable, the "full size" FLX and the Server seem to be added to the range, whereas previously only the more entry-level FLX S consoles were rebadged "Strand" for the US market.

Then the existing Strand Neo range still seems to be hanging about. Nothing else shows on their Console page:

https://www.vari-lite.com/global/products#.htmlpage=1&filters=Product Category%2FConsoles%2CStatus%2FCurrent Products%2C&page=1

So overall, "Errr, dunno..."!

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37 minutes ago, Bryson said:

would it be fair to say that this is essentially an extended and enhanced version of the Strand Neo? 

Front panel wise, nothing has been taken from Strand Neo… in fact there’s arguably more in common with FLX in terms of the Cherry MX keys, Fader Caps, paging U/I, industrial design and labelling.

Internally, while one or two smaller PCBAs have been reused, most - including the motherboard - are all-new designs.

Software is Neo (but a new v4.0 version) and so showfiles are compatible and the user experience will feel familiar, but refreshed and refined.


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