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12x zoom distance


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I would appreciate some help with this please as beyond my limited video knowledge!

With THIS camera that has 12x optical zoom how far away from the subject could the camera be but it would still zoom in and capture the upper body & head of the person speaking?

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I don't think there is enough info to tell on the website, you need to know the focal length of the lens to know how wide the view is. 

I would say, I had some of the previous version of this camera and it had a really bad delay on the image - about half a second. This made it really difficult to operate the ptz, and also no good for imag. They may have fixed this in the newer version. With those cameras (which I think were 20x optical) you could get a head & shoulders shot from 30m but it wasn't the sharpest at that distance 


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I found this and this caluulator online which gives me a rough idea of zoom. I have used the PTC-140 & PTC-150 before but only the SDI outputs rather than HDMI so I have asked the supplier to confirm if there is any latency on the HDMI output which is what we will be using ont his camera.

This is from the manual

Focal Length
12x, f=4.4 (wide) to 52.8 (tele) mm
F1.8 to F2.6

Field of View
(Horizontal, Wide)

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