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Looking for a joystick.


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Hi Harry. Welcome to Blue Room.

Is this for controlling Pan and Tilt on moving lights? Personally, I don't think joysticks are the most intuitive device for this. A track ball would be better. I think even a regular mouse would be better than a joystick.

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8 hours ago, Harry_Loran said:

Whats a light hack?


It's a project that came out of ETC; based on an arduino, it adds a couple of encoders, a display and some buttons, and it was originally intended to be used with Nomad setups. It has since been extended by various developers to add more encoders. It works with Nomad and eos consoles such as Ion, Gio, Element2 and so on. I have no idea whether it would work with a colorsource console, though.

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14 hours ago, Bryson said:

Oh, it was a genuine question!  Thought maybe you got an intensity wheel?  Never tried it.

Yes, mousewheel maps to the Intensity wheel when in the Stage views. Otherwise it scrolls lists.

The pointer acts as an actual mousepointer until you touch/click the "Trackball P/T" softbutton

On 9/7/2022 at 3:11 PM, alistermorton said:

Would a lighthack work with a ColorSource 20?

Yes, they do. The lighthack code on github supports Eos, Cobalt and ColorSource using the same binary.

The whole ColorSource AV OSC command set is available over USB on both CS and CSAV, so you can (eg) drive any parameters you like by name.

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