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Connectors for SDI 75 OHm cable


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Are they "Special" SDI 75 Ohms connectors or standard 75 Ohm connector at an additional price?

I have done a forum search and tried to follow the link to the Blue Room Wiki to no avail (Reported). 

CPC sell VDC SDI cable but don't seem to list DVI BNC connectors or crimp tools. 

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BNC crimp connectors are usually matched to the cable type you are using to ensure a good solid reliable connection (RG59 vs RG6 for example). Choose your cable then choose the matching BNC crimp end.

Canford have a nice article about cable selection for SDI. I tend to use Van Damme 278-175 for install and Van Damme 268-175 for flexible - though our stocks of analogue spec 268-306 will carry SDI for shorter runs.

SDI is far less forgiving than composite video, so your terminations need to be good. Good quality connectors will always be easier to terminate than cheap ones and are usually more resilient too. Neutrik market some of their terminations as "HD" and these are verified up to the higher bandwidths that SDI uses.

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