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Wanted - Out Board chain motor controller LV6


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Looking for a 2nd hand LV6 motor controller with remote.

Got a couple of places I've found with at least one to sell, commercially, but just in case there's a Blue Roomer out there with one tucked away for a nice deal, I thought I'd ask 🙂


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Unfortunately for you, I believe my erstwhile employer is still quite attached to their LV6...! It's quite a nice controller. 

You'll need the Socapex to 3xYellow and 3xRed Ceeform breakout boxes (unless you already have these or can make up your own 'tails'). 

Just one note of caution, though... if you are running normal lighting Socapex in the rig, it's important to keep it quite separate from the motor distribution Socapex. 
We worked out that if the motor controller Soca had been inadvertently connected to a Soca spider we had feeding six floor mount par cans, three of the cans would have a different live phase on the metal shell...! 

Also, if the Socapex cable used had been wired to the not so common but sometimes found practice of soldering pins 13 to 18 together to ensure all the earths were shared, you would expect a pretty big bang with the resultant three phase dead short.


Lighting and LV6 Socapex pinout.JPG

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Thanks for the thought, but yes, we're aware of the different wiring standards for the Soca 🙂

However, as it will be staying permanently connected there's no risk at all of it getting cross-cabled with standard kit - and there's no other Soca to either truss regardless.

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