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Removable - nonmarking sellotape


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I'm hoping someone can help me. I had a roll of tape lobbed into my flight case from another supplier from an event. Only discovered it after I returned back - thought it's just tape nobody would want it back. So I kept it and used it - the roll finished long time ago and thrown away. It' a bit like regular selltape but isn't completely seethrough, it has imperfections on it and slightly cloudy.

I beleive it's used for taping cables to carpets and stuff - the best thing was that it leaves no mark and peels off easily, like there was never any tape on there in the first place.

Does anyone know the name for it?

I'm lookign for it because I'm looking to tape some cables temporarily on furniture at home.

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19 hours ago, handyman said:

Thanks so much, that's literally the same tape I had (clear one).

Just don't leave it on too long...as anyone who has tried to use it around a socapex cable in lieu of heatshrink (to protect an asset label for example) will attest, it definitely does seem to leave a sticky residue if it's there long enough!


Edited to add:

For clarity, when I say 'too long', I'm talking in the region of months-years!

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The blue tape used by windscreen fitters to hold a screen while the seal hardens WILL take paint off after a week of sun. Removable tape has limitations. The first advert wraps on London black cabs were supposedly removable BUT after a year in service the glue had become permanent and many affected cabs had to be totally resprayed 

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