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Elation Platinum Spot III repairer in or near London sought

the rectifier

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Can anyone recommend a company in or near London to repair an Elation Platinum Spot III? I'm based at Angel, Islington. 
It suddenly just went off one day; no display, no light source, nothing. 
An initial inspection shows the power supply PCB is receiving 230V AC but is not outputting the relevant DC voltage (36V I think it should be). 

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Beware, I had one recently where the 38v or is it 36v supply had gone seriously over voltage - it was delivering fifty something volts -and it had damaged every board in the fixture.

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Open control loop caused by eg a weak optocoupler? TL431 gone short? Leaky filter cap in the control loop. Could be all sorts of things. The PCBs all have 36V (I think) transient suppressors on their supply pins but these don't cope with sustained overvoltage from a faulty PSU and may just go permanently short.

Best primary course of action would be to disconnect the output of the PSU and see whether it is outputting 0v or something high and horrid. If it is indeed overvoltage under no load then it may well have caused a short on one of the PCBs. If it is still 0v off load then powering up the fixture from a 36v bench supply would be my next step to check the rest of it. If that's ok then yes, shell out for a new PSU.

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