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QU-16 & iPad connection error


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Hi all 

Last time I connected my iPad to my qu16 it all worked flawlessly, that was a year or so ago, this time it is not!

I am recieving the error connection failed - connection error when selecting the user.

They are both connected to the router fine, I can browse to the routers config on the ipad and the qu is showing me a valid ipaddress in the status.

The ipad doesn't find the qu when I open the app so I have to type the ipaddress in, then after selecting the user level I get the above error. The manual states that the error meant more than 8 devices are connected bug that us not the case.

Obviously tried restarting router, ipad and desk.

Firmware is upto date on the desk and the app is up to date on the ipad. There is nothing else connected to the network.

The only real difference to last time it worked is the iOS version.

The router is a very old Belkin one and doesn't support AES so I'm wondering if iOS is blocking it.

Any ideas would be appreciated


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Thanks for replying, that was a good shout with the time. It was set wring on the router but could not be changed as its one that gets its time from the Internet but of course had no Internet connection.

It turns out I, when I first opened the app I had said it can't discover devices on the network, uninstall and reinstalled and said allow when the message popped up and it all worked again.


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