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Stage surfaces


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Has anyone tried out one of the dedicated stage surface products yet?  I thinking about Harlequin RockSure, plus some other North American ones (StageLam, StageBoard, PolyOnyx+) that I’m not sure are available in the UK.  There may be others I’m unfamiliar with.

Any experiences with them?  With the rising cost of Tempered Hardboard they seem more feasible budget-wise than before.

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Limited experience but with the very heavy duty welded Harlequin and the surface on Alistage the only difficulty is preventing numpties banging nails and screws into them. They are all very unforgiving of abuse. 

Oil tempered board is about a tenner a sheet here which still makes it "disposable" in comparison to Harlequin.

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Ah, tempered hardboard is way more expensive here these days - up to $60-70 a sheet, and that's if you can get any (which you often can't.)


Note that the surfaces I'm talking about here are very different to regular Harlequin Vinyl - they're more of a rigid plastic or bakelite material in 4x8 sheets, and some of them can be screwed into, worked with woodwork tools and so on.

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