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New desk case build - what would you include?


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Hi all

Am looking to streamline my get-in's (and out's!) a little. 

My desk (Roland M480) has always travelled in its own case which is pretty much just the right size for it (no spare space). I've therefore always carried my router, script stand, lights etc. in a separate box, which of course all needs setting up every time. 

I've recently bought a spare desk which also came cased, however this one is a little larger and by reconfiguring the foam I can build my own moderate sized dog box. 

I'm wanting to make this as slick as possible when moving in to venues, so the more useful stuff I can build in, the better. 

The desk pretty much always runs alongside my redundant QLab rack, so I have a VGA monitor plus other paraphernalia. 

I'm able to extend the desk's upper control surface (where the screen and channel controls are) out a couple of inches either side, as part of the dog box, so have space for a few panel mounted controls, sockets etc.

So far I've got the following as useful things to include, but am always up for more suggestions. 

Vesa pole (script stand and QLab screen travel in separate peli case).

Network switch and access point.

Usb hub X2 (one for each QLab Mac).

Comms pack (with my own design changeover switch so my Comms headset doubles as my headphones and TalkBack mic).

Usb sockets for charging.

Illumination of desk surface, plus power supply for script light.

LED strip routed in to case outside surface to illuminate floor under desk.

All of my midi go button and redundant changeover setup. 

A small area of whiteboard with marker for notes (emergency spare radio mic patch locations normally). 

Bluetooth audio receiver.

Somewhere for stashing pens. 

Somewhere for stashing chocolate!


Any other thoughts? I've got a nice opportunity to build something that'll really work well for me, and make life a little more comfortable (I take a roll of carpet with me for just such reasons, plus it does save the knees when stood mixing!). 



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Keyboard was one I'd thought of ages ago and then forgotten again, thank you! I've got a bit of dead space under the desk and am pretty sure I can get a keyboard drawer in there. Also got plans for a nice pull out headphone hook next to it as well. 

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12 minutes ago, themadhippy said:

Ashtray holder for vape pen

There's an old Avo desk on display in the factory that has a cigarette lighter built in, same as you'd find in a car. 

I suppose the modern equivalent would be charging your vape from a spare USB port.

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rationale: if you provide a bottle opener, people won't attempt to open bottles on parts of the case that were designed for something else.

This (random fact) is why the British Army SA80 bayonet scabbard has a bottle opener on it... apparently the high cost of damages from working parts of weapons being used as bottle openers meant that rather than try and do the impossible and ban beer... they just gave everyone a means with which to open the bottles safely...

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I'm teetotal, though coca cola is my vice, so the temptation to put a bottle holder is very much there. I only drink water at the desk though. I do find taking a few seconds to take a drink really helps the concentration.

Have started work. So far I've got a pull out headphone bracket and the dog box is nearly complete. Waiting on a friend to return my oscillating multi tool saw thingy before j can attempt to cut the keyboard drawer. Have also run a router along the underside of the case to recess some led strip to illuminate the floor under my desk. Partly for finding stuff I've dropped but mainly cause it looks cool so why not? 

Am managing to much improve my desk lighting as well during this project. Lots of playing with angles of led strip today, and hitting the 3d printer tomorrow with some initial attempts at mounting hardware. 

Thanks for all your suggestions so far. 

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