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Turkish Lantern (a-la Florence N)


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My wife has just asked if I have any idea where to find a Turkish lantern of the type that Florence Nightingale is alleged to have used - my answer was of course 'No, but I'll ask around' 🙂

So - this is me asking...

Needed for a school project in a couple of weeks so she's (ideally) looking for a loaner.

See the source image

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4 hours ago, sandall said:

Looks like a bit of tumble-dryer ducting, 2 tin-lids & a bit of wire- a DIY project for a bored parent? 

My first reaction was 'what the heck are you talking about?' as I have always had thisHurricane Paraffin Lamp Lantern Storm Camping Oil Light Supalite Metalor this Crackle Glass Bronze Table Light Oil Lamp Shaped 1 Head Nautical Nightstand Lighting image in my head, the first being the style the school purchased.

However my first hit on google takes me to https://florence-nightingale-foundation.org.uk/about/westminster-abbey-commemoration-service/

where their commemorative lamp is thisLamp

Followed by a plethora of paintings and etchings within which are a wide selection of lamps:

15 Florence nightingale ideas | florence nightingale, nightingale, florenceFlorence Nightingale – Biography, Facts & Nursing - HISTORYFlorence Nightingale: The Lady with the Lamp and Pie Chart Margo Lestz -  The Curious Rambler

BBC did this:Florence Nightingale | TheSchoolRun

The irony is the first hit for me under 'nightingale lamp' for what seems to be the recognised lamp is a doll on Amazon:https://www.amazon.co.uk/Barbie-GHT87-Florence-Nightingale-Inspiring/dp/B07Y92454K/ref=sr_1_10?keywords=florence+nightingale+lamp&qid=1645189997&sr=8-10

Images like these actually were well down the list in my search:

Florence Nightingale Lamp | ... Healthcare Scavenger Hunt - Team 8: The  Florence Nightingale Museum | Florence nightingale, Florence nightingale  lamp, FlorenceCelebrate Florence Nightingale's 200th Birthday With Exhibit Featuring Her  Famed Lamp, Pet Owl | Smart News | Smithsonian Magazine

On that basis I reckon Sandall has come up with a solution but equally  I'd have to start asking; how critical is the historical accuracy for Mrs Ynot application?

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I think the caption underneath the lamp says it all about the various "variations". Presumably you just telescope the whole thing to snuff the candle (or whatever the light-source is), & unscrew the top & telescope the sides to light it in the first place. It must have been pretty dim, but presumably far less of a fire risk than a candle or oil lamp.

E2A: curious that the Westminster Abbey event used a "genie" lamp with no obvious connection to either Crimea or Nightingale (not to mention that it would have been a real fire-risk when surrounded by bed-sheets & long dresses!!).

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