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Howto look more chubby? Howto Fatsuit?


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Hello together,

for a theater role I have to look more chubby than in real life. Do you have some ideas for a solution via costume, a makeshift fatsuit or some other tricks for boobs, belly, butt and thighs? I should look kind of realistic and I should be able to move...


Without sewing would be great.

Thanks in advance!

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This may seem counterintuitive but layering clothing to pad out a figure only really works to make people look chubby if the top layer is too small. Alexei Sayle was already a bit chubby in the face but the undersized suits he wore in The Young Ones did the job. Think Mr Toad or Mr Pickwick and it is the tight waistcoats that send the visual message. It is that "bulging out" look that works well.


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23 hours ago, Robin D said:

Spotlight have fat suits for hire as we hired from them with some costumes and set for Hairspray. It's an amateur group but well organised. They are on the old Alconbury airfield just north of Huntingdon near the A1 /A14 junction. 

Im from Germany so this isnt an Option...

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