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T500k led pixel programming controlling


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I have no real idea but rummaging around the web for a manual (which I can't really find) suggests that they /might/ support DMX, though it might just be on the pages I found for keyword spamming. Regrettably it seems like a generic eastern driver without much in the way of support, documentation or probably even consistency across batches...

This page:


has the cryptic line "There is a special version, only suuport Artnet," and has among the "Supported Pixel LED Drive chips:" DMX. Whcih is a bit odd.

If you have one that supports Artnet then the Tiger Touch or GMa2 will theoretically be able to talk to it, with the appropriate incantations and luck.

Do you have the T500k already, or are you looking to buy it? If the latter, I'd look for something with more of a pedigree, manual and support...

(I'm not sure if this post helps much or not. I hope it does.)

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Dont think so, DMX on K and T series is for output and addressing the weird DMX pixels, kind of stuck with LEDedit for control.

DMXKing LeDMX will trigger pixel playback from DMX https://dmxking.com/led-pixel-control/ledmx4-pro

as will Tim`s all in one box solution


Led Strip Studio


Bigger list 



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