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Unique Hazers - anyone have support contacts?


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Does anyone here have any 'tame' contacts who can advise on repairs/diagnoses for Look Solutions Unique hazers?

One of my guys is looking at a Unique that is working one minute, then not when he next powers up. He's gone though all the usual checks, cleaning pipes where feasible, etc. It usually comes back to life after he's dismantled the pump and 'poked' the one-way valve with a pin.

Whether that's a pump issue or a valve is up for discussion.

He's tried to get in touch with Look Sols, but so far no response.

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In the control unit box, at the bottom left, attached to the main body of the hazer is an optical sensor. The fluid pick up hose needs to be running through that sensor (just clips in between the sides of the sensor). If it is not, you will usually get an E-8 error and the fluid pump will not pump. As long as the triac in the pump is operational,(pump can be ran directly off of wall voltage, for whatever voltage the country that sells it, is rated for) the physical actuator can be cleaned and made to work, if all parts are in good shape, in the right places and are not damaged.

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I have fitted a new fluid pump. It’s making a rhythmic scavenging noise with no fluid flowing. Does anyone have ideas where else to look. 

heating coil is fine

air pump seems fine

running with no filter

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