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Powersoft X series - quick start


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Any users of Powersoft's X series who could help steer me in the right direction? I have a gig coming up where I'll need to get a PA up and running within a matter of minutes - two tops, two subs, one X4 - and I won't have access to the amp in advance to configure it.

I've installed ArmoniaPlus and had a look through the virtual web interface for it. Am I right in thinking that I can just connect a tablet to the amp's WiFi network and access enough parameters through there to configure all the important settings? Inputs (two analogue), matrix routing (One input to two amp channels, the other to the other two channels), speaker selection (there are presets present for the speakers in question), and crossover (there are curves within the presets although presumably designed around individual speakers rather than specific combinations as they overlap considerably). Is there any means of linking channels so that what you configure for the left sub & top will copy over to the right channels too or is that a manual job?

I'm sure I could save a setup within Armonia but I don't really fancy battling with potential network connectivity issues if it's easier to just use the amp's WiFi.

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Are you sure you have the correct login/password to access the amp?

A friend of mine got badly caught out with this, he had been given a rack of Powersoft amps that weren't suitably configured for the rig he was using, didn't have the right login details, and the owner couldn't be contacted. 

He ended up running the only two full-range channels at something like 0.5ohm load just to get the gig happening. It worked but wasn't exactly pretty. 

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On 11/17/2021 at 10:22 PM, Bryson said:

I'll be honest, this doesn't sound like something I would even attempt without at least a practice run, and certainly not with mere minutes to execute!  How is the amp configured right now?

I enjoy a challenge 😉 Plus I did my homework - I seem to be increasingly expected to use kit I've not used before so I'm well versed in learning the essentials before arriving on site. I also took along a four channel amp of my own just in case. I always have contingency plans.
The amp was hired so just on reset factory settings from the hire co.

On 11/17/2021 at 11:46 PM, Stuart91 said:

Are you sure you have the correct login/password to access the amp?

Default login. I had the hire co's phone number just in case. And a laptop so I could access it directly if needed.

On 11/18/2021 at 8:27 AM, adamburgess said:

Is it not worth putting an extra amp on the kit list to hire before the gig?

Then at least you can test things (to make sure noise comes out) with anything you have lying around?

I didn't have access to the venue or the hired kit until I arrived there. Not ideal but it was a fairly unique situation.

All went well in the end. Easy to access the amp via wifi with a tablet and all settings pretty much as I'd seen in Armonia. A bit more fiddly to set up the crossover using a touchscreen than a mouse & keyboard but perfectly manageable. Everyone was very impressed with the power and DSP in a box that small!

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