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Nymrod wireless talkback - any direct experience?


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I've been pointed at the Nymrod wireless cans system as a possible investment and on the face of it, 9 sets of cans for sub £2000 looks like a pretty good deal.

9 Person Kit + Max4G Double • Nymrod Comms

One of the Q & A answers says it's compatible with wired setups, but haven't yet found that in the spec (still looking).

Interested to know if anyone here has had direct experience of the system, and whether the build quality is up to scratch for the demands of an amateur environment...


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The only obvious way to interface with a wired setup would be to use the 'hub' station with a 4 wire interface. They look a bit plasticy, and they are grey not black. I find the 'pack as headset' form factor hard work, but I know others like it (we have both styles at the Rep). DECT ought to be up to the job, but depends on the implementation and the build quality of the antenna etc.

It seems a very good deal, which intrisically makes alarm bells ring. You get what you pay for.

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1 hour ago, J Pearce said:

It seems a very good deal, which intrinsically makes alarm bells ring. You get what you pay for.

That's what usually sets off my bells, too - when a quote for £6k or so for 4 headsets and base station was the best deal on offer when I last looked a couple of years back, it does make you think carefully.

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