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Mac 550 Power Issues


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Today I became the proud owner of a pair of Mac 550s via ebay. They came from a large hire company, who sold them as being in working oder, just with lamps with over 1400 hours on them.


Anyway powered up the first one, all was going well for about 30 mins. Test sequence completed without issue. Everything seemed to be responding via DMX. Then all of a sudden it just powered off, completely dead, no fans, no leds. It will now will come on intermittently for a few seconds before completely shutting off again. I am assuming the power supply is faulty. Is there anything else it might be?


Anyone ever changed a PSU on these? Anyone know where I can download a service manual or similar guide on how to open the base of these units? The user manual only shows how to open the head. Is there a particular procedure for opening the base?





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550s were flaky at the best of times. I wouldn't assume a PSU fault without further diagnosis as it could be lots of things but as Hippy says, just throw it back at the vendor.


The bases of moving heads are all roughly the same, there are covers held on by screws and you can usually get at things with the unit sitting on its base with the head pointing up. Been a quite while since I even heaved these overweight lunch-break-dissolvers out of a box, but I don't remember them being difficult to get into. The heads seemed fairly jam packed at the time, but we've had much more complex spots since then.

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