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Mysterious Curtain Track.


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Have tried Hall stage(steeldeck), Doughty, EEE. Can’t think of anyone else at the moment. The drive system is a Bosch 24v windscreen wiper motor. Usually I have T60 runners in the bottom of my tool bag, not today..


The search continues...

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You could most likely just send a specimen from the existing system to Stage One and ask them to produce you a load more. I'm sure their engineers could offer an upgraded carrier design too if that'll help you.


For clarity I have no commercial interest in Stage One I just recommend them as a quality supplier of stage machinery who can work with both metals and plastics in-house.

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Not sure about the track but the ruler in picture 1 is from Central Theatre Supplies circa 2005 :P


The track might be old Strand track - something in my memory rings a bell about the circular running rail and it causing problems with wheeled runners as opposed to old "cotton reel bobbin" type of runners. Hall Stage did for a while produce a plastic version of these but I'm not sure whether they still do or not (I left CTS in 2017 and have lost track of curtain fixtures - pardon the pun). <_<

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I may be well off the mark here, but it could be an old FURSE Engineering track due to the colour. CCT Lighting bought out Furse in the late 80's so give them a call to see if they can shed any light.
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