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VL3000 Sport test point / gobo issue

Mr Steve

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Hi all,


I have a VL3000 spot with a Gobo3Index No Sensor error. On calibration the gobo wheel judders. I'd assumed this was drive related so changed out the drive chip for Gobo3Index on the PCB to no effect. Looking at the unit, there is an optical sensor for the gobo indexing which is notched on the stepper motor spindle for indexing. This looks to be clear and has been blasted with air.


Using the test points, the Gobo3Index point stays at 4.99V at all times. Comparing against wheels 1 and 2, these stay at 5v and then drop to 0.1 v briefly, then go back up - this is using the fixture's test menu.


I've swapped control boards and the problem goes away, so I'm assuming I can rule out loom, sensors, or anything in the head.


Anything else I can check out?

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