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PAR38 120W Tungsten are they still available?


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Hi All,


I require a couple of PAR38's 120W (any beam shape) and usually get them from CPC but they only have LED versions.

I need them as a current limiting device so the 120W aspect is crucial.


Any thoughts?


I suspect that manufacture or import is now prohibited, though existing stocks may be sold and used without concern. You may find that an alternative supplier still has stocks. There are several listed on fleabay, just search for "par38 120 watt"


Alternatively, if current limiting rather than illumination is the object, do they have to be PAR 38s at all ? what about a pair of standard GLS lamps each 60 watts. (manufacture or import of these is also prohibited, but there are still a lot on sale, via various loopholes)

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I have just been through the same exercise (local church has dozens of PAR38s for house lights but on a 2kW dimmer and they look sooo warm and dim soooo nicely....!)


I managed to get the "last box" from a local electrical supplier, but was considering online purchase (but at rather inflated prices). Places like TLC have sold out.

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Hi All,


As has been suggested I could always use a couple of 60W lamps. The thing about P38's is there physical robustness which is most suited to my workshop environment.


I guess I'll have to do a last buy. What a stupid World we live in. Ban them from domestic markets if you want but from our proportionally insignificant World? Give me strength!


So all the other PARs are going the same way I assume?


I'm sure this subject has been done to death on TBR but somehow I've missed it.

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Yes, most other PAR lamps have gone or are going the same way.

Production or import of most smaller types was prohibited under energy saving regulations some years ago. Existing stocks may be sold or used lawfully.

Some larger types used primarily in the entertainment industry were exempted, but production by most major companies has ceased for want of demand.


Incandescent electric lighting is going the way of gas lighting and oil lamps, both of which are still used today for certain niche purposes but are no longer mainstream lighting for homes or workplaces. A limited choice of the more common spares for gas or oil lamps are still made today.

Likewise I expect that a LIMITED CHOICE of the more popular incandescent lamps will still be available in 50 years time, probably at higher prices for lower qaulity.


Must go and light the oil lamp in my downstairs lavatory, to prevent the plumbing from freezing !

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Hi Dan I did a quick search and found this , I'm sure you have tried them ,but I know sometime you seam to get different results from the same key word , so I thought it was worth a go ! good luck with your search love the Par 38 we had 2 on the outside of our house and they lasted my whole childhood till I left home



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A quick fleabay search for "120 watt par 38" turns up well over 100 results, about half of which are for the desired articles, with the others being "related"


Prices from about £5 each if buying a number, up to about £10 for just one.




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