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Looking for combined / hybrid cable


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I can't get past the voltage drop for the current draw. According to Gencalc, 1.7A at 50m on 1mm give a voltage drop of 3.82V. That's a big whack. One way around this would be more two more (can be very weedy) cores, and remote voltage sensing, so the delivered voltage is 12V, allowing for whatever voltage drop there is over the run.
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Im not sure that voltage drop will necessarily be an issue. Earlier this year I installed some cctv cameras in our venue using 25M premade shotgun cables. I can’t remember the core size of the power cable, but it wasn’t particularly thick. Maybe less than 1mm? The cameras were powered by a single 12V supply, and a 4-way barrel plug splitter (one socket, four plugs). All cameras worked perfectly. My guess is that the cameras don’t need 12V, but have built in DC:DC converters to knock the volts down to a stable 5V, for example. Voltage drop is a well understood phenomenon so CCTV manufacturers most likely have designed their kit to cope with the problem.
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