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Projector hire options this week.


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So my usual hire guy has come up blank for the hire of what I'd needed for a show next weekend, needed a 10,000 lum machine minimum

He'd previously been able to get a 12k proj for around £400 but the closest he can find amongst his (midlands) contacts is 3 times that which is way over budget.


Anyone have any hire co's that could do one for me at short notice?



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£400 is dirt cheap for a 12k projector. Some companies will charge you upwards of that per day. PRG/XL might have something older they can send out cheap. Marklew in Brum have an 8k unit that is affordable.


I've just bought a 12k unit (a RZ120) as the hire costs meant we were never able to afford what we needed on our yearly budgets, so I was able to make a capital bid to buy one.

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I'd be surprised if PSP can meet the budget. Great company, but more at the polished and shrink wrapped before delivery end of the market. Always worth asking though I guess.


Might also be worth talking to CPL, in Kenilworth.

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