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Budget IEM


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Folks - I've tried using search, but can't get it to work at all - I know there have been threads about this in the past, and if anyone wants to link to a past discussion, that's fine. The question is simply this: what lower price IEM earpieces are worth looking at? it's for a guitarist who wants to be able to monitor at lower levels (tinnitus) than the stage wedge, so something with reasonably good isolation would be helpful. Anything under £100, and the lower the better, as long as it is usable. It's probably going to be used with the Behringer P2, fed from a spare Aux on our X32/P16 system.
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I've been using Shure 215s - and find them quite good. They're a bit bass light in fairness, but as I play bass, it gives me a better feel for pitch accuracy. I have three pairs now. One with proper moulds (obtained through the musician's union scheme a bit cheaper) and a pair out of the box with foam inserts which are pretty good actually - the ones you squeeze pop in, and then they expand - but the best are the moulds I made with material from Ebay. A two part squidgy it and stuff in your ear thing. These don't go down my ear canal as far as the proper moulds, but they do go in the nooks and crannies outside the ear and actually fit really well and are an effective ear plug too.


My son works with cast fulls of IEM wearing people and they favour the more expensive Shures but I'm happy with the 215s.

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I like Shure 215s, usually around £80.



I have seen quite a few people being very complimentary about these:

My link


dp/B07D5WHRG4/ref=cm_sw_r_fa_api_i_Z31mEbXTZ30MR#immersive-view_1583004404103"]14 quid headphones on Amazon [/url]


Aargh insert link on mobile not working. Search for KZ ES4 earphone. Available from Amazon.


I haven't heard them but I'd be willing to give them a go.





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Not up to speed on IEM but surely if the guitarist is already suffering tinnitus any monitoring will cause problems and "cheap" is a word to be avoided?


The Shures work and if they are £80 then those with moulded plugs would seem about the least he should aim for. Hearing is too precious to risk especially for musicians etc.

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