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Betapacks - value


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Come July (or possibly sooner) I'll be looking to sell on a selection of Betapacks. A couple of 1's (non-DMX) 8 x 2's (DMX) and 4 x 3's (DMX) and an odd non-DMX 2 with no mounting lugs. All have 2 x 15A round pins per ch.


Just looking on th'bay and they seem to hold their value pretty well. I'm seeing prices of £450 upwards for a Betapack3.


Are they really going for that much, or is it the usual listings that will never sell.....?

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Search for “recently sold” ones on ebay and you’ll get a better idea of price. Most are sub-100 pounds, beta 3 is around 300.


(and I don’t understand the one that allegedly sold for £1850)


I remembered after I posted that you can select sold items. I saw the £1850 one.... Looked to me like it was a case of Shill bidding.


Based on the average selling price, I could probably get around a grand for the lot, so worth selling I think.

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If an item actually sells on ebay for a grossly excessive price, this can be a way of transferring money from person A to person B and evading the normal controls on money laundering.


Suppose that "A" wishes to send £1,850 to "B" Person B lists on ebay an old lighting dimmer for £1,850. Person A buys it and sends the money via paypal. Ebay and paypal fees would be payable, but that can be a price worth paying to make dodgy money look legitimate.




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eBay does occasionally offer deals where final value fees are reduced or eliminated. So if your money laundering requirements aren't particularly urgent, you can wait until then. Listing fee is pennies, and then you're only losing PayPal's percentage.


This can also sometimes explain the rather "optimistic" Buy It Now listings that seem to appear when these offers run.

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