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Selecon Pacific Ellipsoidals Socket Problems - Blue Cap

Jacqueline Robertson

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Hi there forums,


First time poster here but I'm mostly looking for anyone who has had the same problem that we are having at our theatre with our Selecon Pacific fixtures. We are only experiencing issues with the 575W lamp modules (Blue handle).


The issue we are having is that the lamps come unseated just enough to not make contact with the socket. Sometimes, all it takes is to go up to the lamp and reseat the lamp, and other times, if you leave the light on long enough, eventually the light will pop on, however this is not ideal.


Haven't found anyone on the internet who has had this problem, and I'm either looking for folks who have had the problem, and what they did to solve it, or the possibility of retrofitting these blue handled lamp modules to accommodate the 1K sockets, which seem to have a retaining clip to keep the lamps securely in the socket.


Can't wait to hear back from the world!



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Not totally sure, but I seem to recall that the Pacific range uses a universal housing so guess in theory you could swap the lamp base assembly for the 650W/1000W version. The existing holder doesn't have any springy bits that have become tired?
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The blue handled module is for the 600W GKV lamp and to be honest when I was managing a hire fleet of Pacifics with these fitted we never had issues with lamps creeping out.


The biggest "issue" was actually getting the lamp seated properly on the initial fit - there's a lot of resistance against the internal clips and very often that last 1/42 was enough to make a difference and stop it working. Your issue might suggest that you may just have some lampholders that need replacing - I would also check that you have the correct lamp - the GKV was only available (if memory serves) as a 600W or 800W version not 575W.


They should look like this. The indentation you can see toward the bottom should engage with a sprung "finger" in the lampholder I believe - that your's are not suggests a lampholder issue.

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