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NEC NP1000 problems


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Our amateur group has aquired 2 NEC NP1000 projectors, both with low mileage lamps. The first has a good light output but always shows a blue band across the top 10?% of the screen. The second has good colour rendition but the overall light output is too low to be useful. I've tried swapping the 2 lamps over, but no change in either case.

I should be most grateful if anyone could suggest a way forward. Any ideas as to possible causes? If so, could a mechanically-competent person strip down and repair, and where would he get the guidance to do so? (Have found one video on Youtube, but winced at the methods used and the shirt tail / teatowel used to clean optics). Is there somone accessible from Manchester who might do it - and if so, is the cost likely to be worth it?

Any advice gratefully received.

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I tried to get a 5k NEC projector repaired a few months ago but could only get "module level" repairs. We had a discoloured green polariser giving a pink blob, also lots of dirt in the optics. Service co said all they could do was just replace the entire optical assembly costing £800.


If you have a go yourself, have somewhere very clean to work and wear gloves. It is very easy to get dirt or fingerprints on optical parts.

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Just to be 100% certain, make sure that the blue band shows up on the projector menu and with other inputs selected. As others have said, it does sound like a physical fault with the projector itself but worth double checking.


I'm always wary of spending money on projector repairs - especially if you're not 100% sure of the provenance of the machines. I've seen quite a few of my customers throw good money after bad. (Classic manoeuvre is buying a fresh bulb for a projector that's got a faded LCD)


Cannibalising the two you have into one serviceable projector might be the best option, if you can have a go at it yourselves.

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Given that they're at least 11 years old I feel you might not get very far- so that you can bear in mind the cost of a similar replacement, at church we just bought an Epson EB-X41 (3600lm, 1024x768). We already had the same in another room; great portable projector if HD and widescreen aren't important. £330 presently
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