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Studiomaster 162BPX


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What other bits of kit do you have? What speakers, what cables?


What is the application? Live sound, studio setup, listening to your iPod at home?


I have 4 synths and a few grooveboxes / drum machines plus studio monitors. I also have Reaper, and a midi interface.I won’t be doing any live shows (God forbid) so I suppose it’s a studio set up. The synths etc are all midi’d up to the midi interface. I just need to know whereabouts on the Mixer the audio cables go (ie from the synths, and then out to the monitors)

So my set up will be pc - midi interface - synths - Mixer - monitors. Is this correct?



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So you have 4 stereo channels (13-16) and 12 mono channels.

Your synths could go into 2 mono channels each, plug them into the "Line" input on the rear of the mixer using mono jack leads. Then turn the "PAN" knob fully left for the first channel and fully right for the 2nd channel.

Then your monitors, assuming they are powered monitors with an amp built in, plug into the Output L/R plugs. These seem to be XLR only so you will need cables that go from XLR to whatever connectors are on your monitors.

The manual for the mixer is herehttp://www.studiomaster.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/162bpx-user-guide-v2.pdf



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Many thanks guys, that’s been really helpful.So, inorder to get stereo on the synths I can either use channels 13 to 16, or (for instance) Channel 1 Line (and turn PAN fully Left) and Channel 2 Line (and turn PAN fully right)?If I only used a cable from the left / mono of one of my synths to a Line insert on the Mixer, would this then only play through one of the monitors? And, if so, is it possible to alternate monitors (ie so that one synth plays through the left, and another plays through the right)? If so, is this cabled differently?Also, obviously if I were playing Live I would need to be use the Stereo inputs for the synths, but is it necessary in my small room? How much of a difference does it make (and does it affect anything at all on my DAW)?I’ve bought XLR to 1/4 TRS adaptors for the monitors

I really can’t thank you guys enough. Much....MUCH appreciated:)



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Yes that's right. If you only go from the left/mono of your synth into one channel, then you would set the Pan knob for that channel to the central position to play the mono signal equally through the left and right outputs.

If you wanted to deliberately play on one side or the other, the Pan knob will do that for you.

Personally I would always use stereo where it is available, a lot of synth sounds (even pianos etc) have very rich stereo which makes the sound much more interesting and full. Mono always sounds "Flat" to me.


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